Prodigal God

Prodigal means “extravagant, lavish, or wasteful.” We know the traditional name for the Luke 15 parable as “The Prodigal Son.” But it could better be titled, “The Extravagant, Loving Father and His Two Lost Sons!” We pray this series will drastically deepen your grasp of God’s grace - the heart of true Christianity.


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Radical Hospitality

Hospitality opens the door of welcome to the guest. The Gospel of Christ is about Radical Hospitality! Christ himself is the Good Samaritan who, through the cross, brings unexpected love that transforms us and frees us to love God and become a neighbor to anyone in need.



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Is Jesus' Vision Really Our Vision?

We are asking a challenging question as we enter 2016: “What if Jesus physically came to our neighborhood…our church…our homes?” Would we welcome Him? What would He say about HIS Church? Does our vision and mission as a Christian Community REALLY look like His? Do they line up?


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Hope for Everyone

Advent and Christmas, 2015
Everyone needs Hope! The story of the arrival (‘Advent’) of Jesus comes alive in Luke’s Gospel. It’s a story of hope that changes everything; a story that we can’t keep to ourselves!

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Lament (passionate expression of grief and sorrow - usually in poetic or song form) is important for our world today! Besides personal suffering, there is much lament in the face of war, displacement, and other disasters. But it must be seen in the context of the Bible’s whole story of redemption in Christ and New Creation to come. God invites us to talk with him through our pain and suffering. We must learn to lament as part of our community worship and transformation.


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Faith at Work

One of our Mission Priorities is to become and make committed disciples of Christ who glorify God and embody our faith in every area of life. This fall, we want to inspire, equip, and support one another to bear witness - in our lives, work, and words - to the loving reign of God in ‘the real world.’


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“practice or doing — as distinguished from theory"

As a deer longs for flowing streams, so my soul longs for you, O God. My soul thirsts for God, for the living God. (Psalm 42:1-2)

God has given us the disciplines -or- practices of the spiritual life as a means to be transformed: how to meditate on Scripture; learning discipleship through our experiences; living the Good News.

This summer at Christ Church, we want to go deeper in our encounter with God!


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Fresh Air

Fresh Air: The Transforming Presence of the Holy Spirit
It’s time to breathe in the fresh air! 
Easter is followed by Pentecost: the coming of the promised Holy Spirit. Our desperate and continual need is for God’s inspiration and power, both individually and as a church. Learn to walk “in step” with God. 
"If we live by the Spirit, let us also keep in step with the Spirit!"  (Galatians 5:25)
(May 10 - June 15)

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Whole Gospel: The Bible's Epic Drama

Have you wanted to better understand what the Bible is all about? Sundays in Lent and Easter we will explore the Six Act Drama of the Bible’s really Good News - the Whole Gospel of Christ for the Whole World!


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Ordinary People Radical Kingdom

​My Kingdom is not of this world. (Jesus, John 18:36)
God calls ordinary people to do the work of His Kingdom here and now! This 5 week series explores what it means for us ordinaries to be called by Christ to join him in something truly radical and subversive. 
The Church is “God’s mission to the world for the sake of the world so the world will become what it is meant to be.”  (Scot McKnight)

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